Donations have enabled current technology at the center
Marleny Macario presents a traditional
Mayan dance to her community in Nahualá.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc.
Maya Tech Learning centers, Inc. seeks to advance
educational and technological opportunities for
underdeveloped Mayan communities in Guatemala
through comprehensive, culturally appropriate
computer access, training and development with
internet and email capabilities; sponsorship and
facilitation of community and youth-focused
educational programming; and promotion of projects
honoring Mayan heritage.
Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Community Computer Lab
Provide access to computers for personal, school and business use.
Objective: Set up, staff and maintain a computer lab open to the public.
Goal 2: Training Center
Offer a set curriculum and classes on various levels of computer operation.
Objective: Provide instruction in computer technology, show the advantages of
paperwork organization through current computer programs, and enable students
to create their own files and documents.
Goal 3: Internet Café  
Provide access to the Internet and e-mail.
Objective: Set up and maintain internet access in an Internet Café setting providing
users with the knowledge to efficiently navigate the Web and set up email
Goal 4: Facilitate Youth Education and Leadership Development
Objective: Set up, staff and maintain an educational play center for young children
equipped with books, puzzles, educational toys and games providing families the
option of bringing children when they come to the computer center.
Nahualá Computer Center
Centro de Computación Swan Tinamit
Nahualá is a growing K'iche' Maya town in the Western
Highlands of Guatemala and the site for our mission. Born
and raised in Nahualá, the organization's founder, Camilo
Macario, developed a plan to bridge the digital divide
between first and third world communities using current
technology. A community computer center developed here
in 2004 offers training and access to computer technology.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 2004
in the State of Ohio to support community development work in Guatemala.
MTLC founders with their neice,
Marleny Macario at Swan Tinamit
Nahualá is situated in the mountains near Lake Atitlán
The center's services are sought out by all ages in the community
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Maya Tech celebrates
4 years of service
Recent achievements
  • 130 students enrolled in various levels of
    computer classes
  • 76 adults and youth received diplomas in
    computer technology
  • 50 women active in 2 weaving cooperatives
  • 95 youth competed in the 2nd annual youth
    soccer tournament - 3rd annual underway
  • Swan Tinamit continues to provide internet
    service and support to schools, businesses,
    private clients; and offers a computer lab and
    children's library
  • Children's library renovated with more books,
    art supplies, mini-theater and colorful murals