Camilo Macario receives a special visitor
to MTLC's Guatemala booth at the 2005
World A'Fair in Dayton, OH.
Marleny Macario (far left) organizes
youth activities for those seeking
temporary shelter at a local school in
Nahualá following Hurricane Stan.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. seeks partnerships and collaboration with other non-
governmental organizations to enhance services and further cross-cultural programming
in Guatemala and among communities in the United States.

We welcome your input!  If you have ideas for collaboration, please
contact us at

Current Partners include:
Friends Through Guatemalan Adoption (FTGA) Dayton Chapter
Ohio State University, Department of Extension
United States Peace Corps Guatemala
Southwestern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Organization (SORVO)
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Social Justice Committee
Community Enterprise Solutions, Guatemala
Sugarcreek Schools, Bellbrook, OH

Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. is a member of local community organizations:
Greater Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Dayton International Festival, Inc. (DIFI)

Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. supports the following:
American Red Cross – Hurricane Relief Fund
ONE Campaign – an national campaign to reduce AIDS and extreme poverty world wide.

International community development efforts:
Democratización Digital – MTLC and Swan Tinamit are members of a network of
professional organizations in Guatemala headed by the Rigaberta Menchú Tum
Foundation (FRMT) which promotes culturally competent education, technology and the
development of curriculum in indigenous languages. Swan Tinamit has hosted
leadership workshops facilitated by the FRMT as well as on-going project collaboration.

United States Peace Corps: MTLC is currently working with Peace Corps Volunteers in
Nahualá to guide education and technology projects. A Small Business Volunteer
completed 2 years of service aiding the Computer Center Swan Tinamit staff in best
business practices, data analysis, staff development and resource management. Today,
a Peace Corps Volunteer in Youth Development collaborates new youth programs.

MTLC Co-founder Karen Wilk Macario is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who initially
moved to Nahualá in 1992 assigned to lead Youth Development/4-H programs. She lived
in Nahualá for three years in this capacity where she learned K'iche' and got to know the
people of the town and many outlying communities.

MTLC Advisory Council member Sherri (Smith) Shropshire was also a Peace Corps
Volunteer in Nahualá for three years assigned to agriculture projects from 1991-1994.

  • Camilo and Karen Macario interviewed by Jerry Kinney on WYSO's Morning Edition
    program, April 2010.
  • Article and on-line video in May 2009 Dayton Daily News describing involvement in
    the Dayton International Festival and efforts to share Guatemalan culture locally.
  • Karen Macario interviewed on Nawal Estereo, Nahualá, Guatemala, April 2009.
  • Camilo Macario featured guest and interviewed on Spanish radio station KPCN
    Radio Campesino, June 2007, Woodburn, Oregon.
  • Invited participants in the 2007 "Material Culture" Display at Dayton's CityFolk
    Festival. MTLC Board members staffed a cultural display featuring foods and
    cooking of Guatemala and gave cooking demonstrations on making corn tortillas.
  • MTLC Featured in a special interest story in the Dayton Daily News Feb. 5, 2007
    by Staff Writer Jim DeBrosse.
  • MTLC was awarded Third Place in Overall Booth Display at the 2007 Dayton
    International Festival's "A World A'Fair for a cultural display of Guatemala.
  • Camilo Macario participated in Pastoral Maya Conference 2007 Atlanta, Georgia.
  • News article featured MTLC in The Catholic Telegraph, Archdiocese of Cincinnati,
    May 5, 2006 by Lenore Christopher.
  • MTLC Founder Camilo Macario interviewed on by Judy Zarick
    in the "Living Faith" segment, 2006.
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Packing for success
School supplies and educational games donated in 2011 were
packed and taken to the Children's Education Center in
Nahualá by the Macario family.
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