Donated laptops from LexisNexis have added
versatility to the classroom and provided increased
understanding of various computer types.
Marleny Macario delivers
supplies and helps
children try on shoes
donated after the
devastation of
Hurricane Stan in 2005.
Students learn computer skills and practical
applications for personal use, studies and work.
Learning to connect the cables: a valuable
component of study.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc.
Computer Center Swan Tinamit/Centro de Computación Swan Tinamit
This community learning center has been serving the community of Nahualá
for more than 10 years primarily due to generous donations.
We would like to thank the following supporters:
  • Central Ohio Friends of Latin American Children (COFLAC)
  • Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Friends Through Guatemalan Adoption - Dayton Chapter (FTGA)
  • St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Milford, Ohio
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Centerville, Ohio
  • The Hans & Elizabeth Wolf Foundation
  • Southern Ohio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Organization (SORVO)
  • LexisNexis Corporation
  • Victory Wholesale Group
  • IntriG of Ohio, Inc.
Private donors and supporters of MTLC's fundraisers also have been a
great asset in meeting our funding needs.
No matter how small or great, your donation matters!

Thank You to all who contributed to the
Annual Spring Event - Fundraiser for Education 201
         El Mesón Restaurant, West Carrollton, Ohio
Your generosity and support of our Spring Fundraiser earned more
than $2,
700 to expand children's education in rural Guatemala.

Hurricane Relief
In the aftermath of Hurricane Stan, which hit Guatemala on October 4, 2005, staff of the
Computer Center contacted us asking for help for the dozens of families seeking refuge
in Nahualá after hiking up mudslide slopes to the higher mountain area from their
shattered coastal communities. In keeping with its basic mission of community
development, Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. provided supplies, housing and
medicines for those affected by the storm. Camilo and Karen Macario travelled to
Nahualá shortly after the rains subsided, taking boxes of children's clothing, shoes and
other supplies donated by families in the Dayton, Ohio area. Cash donations, which
arrived from individuals throughout the United States, enabled the purchase of
corrugated metal to be used in rebuilding housing for the displaced. We would
especially like to thank
Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, which donated over-the-
counter medicines and medical supplies for these efforts.
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that accepts
in-kind and financial donations from private, corporate and foundation entities to further
advance technology accessibility, educational opportunities and community development
projects in rural, under served areas of Guatemala.
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A special thanks to our
raffle prize donors:

Paintings by
UPAVIM  Cooperative
Laura Miller handmade soaps
Cafe Campesino
Little Art Theater, Yellow Springs
doTERRA, Julie Fronista

Meadowlark Restaurant
Homemade bath products by Becky
Young's Jersey Dairy
Usbourne Books, Sherri Shropshire
The Dairy Shed, Bellbrook
Toby S. Wilson, DDS
Elsa's Restaurant

Coffman YMCA
Fox Gallery

Please visit these businesses online
and in the Dayton area.
Donation Drive 2012-2013
Thank you to the Bellbrook Soccer Association for
organizing a donation drive with parents and players. Dozens
of soccer shoes, socks, jerseys, shin guards and school
supplies were collected for kids at the community center in
Nahualá, Guatemala.
Members of the
Centerville United Soccer Association
contributed additional soccer gear for our Annual
Youth Soccer Tournament in Nahualá.
Maya Tech celebrates
4 years of service: