Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc.
Organizational Structure
Maya Tech Learning Centers, Inc. is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and an
Advisory Council. The Board meets at least quarterly. Members hold expertise in
community development, computer technology, social work administration, engineering,
adult and youth education, law, and third world programming. The Computer Center
Swan Tinamit is established as a non-governmental organization in Guatemala
according to the country's appropriate laws.

Camilo Macario, President
Monica Grilliot, Vice President
Karen Wilk Macario, Secretary/Treasurer

Advisory Council
Joanna Cross
Scott Ledyard
Pat Mescher
Brian Raison
Jill Raison
Sherri Shropshire     
Mark J. Wilk

Centro de Computación Swan Tinamit Staff
Poncio Macario Guarchaj, Director of Education
Alonzo Buenaventura Macario Guarchaj, Program Manager
Alonzo Dario Tum, Teacher, Computer Technician
Samuel Esteban Macario Ixmata, Technical Department Assistant
Diego Alfonzo Tzoc Guarchaj, Instructor
Miguel Guarchaj Tambriz, Instructor
Francisco Edwin Tum Ixmatá, Instructor
Francisca Bibiana Tum, Customer Service
Ricardo Guarchaj Cuc, Customer Service
Marleny Macario Ixmatá: Grant Writer, Special Projects Coordinator, Women's Groups
Catarina Tziquin López, Children's Library and Education Programs

Additional volunteers in Guatemala give time and energy in general maintenance, set up,
organization, and serving as lab monitors to the computer center in Nahualá.
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Cultural Presentations
Guatemalan Carpets: A Holy Week Tradition
These artistic offerings are made by community members along the Easter religious
procession routes. Antigua, Guatemala is famous for its alfombras (the Arabic word for
carpet) which are made of pine needles, flowers, flower petals, sand and sawdust. The
designs of many of the carpets reflect Mayan influences and other contain religious
depictions. While most carpets take twenty or more hours to construct, they last on
average 2 hours before they are destroyed by the many feet that march over them during
a procession.

MTLC's Presentation:
As a member organization of the Dayton International Festival Inc. (DIFI), MTLC
represents Guatemala at the annual international festival, “A World A'fair.”  In 2006, the
festival theme, "Holidays Around the World,” brought out the creativity amoung MTLC's
local board members, volunteers and area supporters. In presenting one of
Guatemala's most intense and artistically-driven customs, an alfombra or carpet was
designed on a backdrop as a display.

What does it mean?
In keeping with the mission of promoting projects that honor Mayan culture, MTLC
designed this alfombra to represent the pride of ancient and modern day cultures. The
enthusiasm generated from this project bridged an understanding between people in
Guatemala and the United States.
The alfombra depicts the natural landscape of Guatemala including volcanoes,
mountains and the glorious national bird, the Quetzal, indigenous to the Guatemalan
rainforests. Guatemala's ancient and perhaps most famous landmark, a temple at the
Maya Ruins of Tikal, is situated in the center.
Also represented is a pre-colonial Maya man seated in front of a modern computer
signifying the advanced science and mathematics the Maya civilization studied and
understood as well as the opportunities presented to the people of rural Guatemala
today by education and technology projects facilitated by Maya Tech Learning Centers.

The hand-made depiction of a Guatemalan carpet, picture to the right, was a featured
display at the
Dayton International Peace Museum.
Peace Corps Volunteer Eric Schroeder,
pictured here awarding a certificate to a
student, worked at Swan Tinamit in Small
Business Development projects.
Camilo Macario, far right, offers guidance during a
Swan Tinamit staff meeting.
A hand-painted award of appreciation presented to Swan
Tinamit from the Nahualá women's cooperative.
Recently Returned
Hannah Stanton-Gockel
completed a student
internship at Swan Tinamit
in Guatemala. Hannah,
from Springboro, OH, is a
Spanish and Women's
and Gender Studies major
at Ohio University. Much of
Hannah's 4-month
internship focused on
Swan Tinamit's Women's
Cooperative and the
Children's Library. She
also conducted interviews
with students and clients
who use the Center to
complete an assessment
of our program services.
Marleny Isabel Macario
Ixmatá was elected Rabin
Ajau (daughter of the
King) in Cobán,
Guatemala in 2005.
This appointment was
achieved during the
annual July event in which
young indigenous women
from across Guatemala
present dances and
speeches that promote
their Mayan culture.
Marleny continues to
promote education for
women and children. In
June, 2006 Marleny was
MTLC's featured presenter
at the Spring Fundraiser.
She has volunteered at
Swan Tinamit since its
inception and currently
serves on the Board of
Maya Tech celebrates
4 years of service